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Photos and Memories of Our Past and Present

Hanging out at the Nelson after dark on a summer night! Also the night I thought my parents called the cops on me because I was out so late… (ea)

Plaza Lights 2009! A Kansas City tradition! The first time we saw each other after being away from each other in college for 3 months, the first of so many reunions throughout our college experience!  Great memory on a cold night…I think we shared gloves or something silly like that! (ea) 

The summer after senior year was a great summer filled with so many fun times and silly events.  This was just one of them! We all dressed up in 50s gear and went to the drive in, we were pretty awesome! There was of course quite the adventure to get there but we made it and had a great night.  But, I am pretty sure  I did not watch the movies and probably could not tell you what they were…haha typical and not typical for me! (I don’t watch the movie but I usually still remember what movie it was…) (ea)