Hey Hello!


Rest in peace, Heyhello5.

This girl!

Who has two more finals tomorrow and just wishes they were over?

Everyone else is done…or at least it feels like it. 

Also I want some oreos


I miss you all!

Hope you are enjoying your second to last undergrad finals!

Good luck to you too!!! :) - ab

day 304: name 5 things that you enjoy doing/make you happy

ab - 1. Reading 2. Being with people 3. Trying new foods 4. Cooking 5. Watching movies

day 302: Second semester of Senior year bucket list - make one!

ab - to go to this bar on campus that notoriously serves underage people. Still have never been. Go cow tipping (jk). Go ice skating in Omaha, senior week, graduation, get into grad school, go to a midnight movie at this one movie theatre… idk! I feel like I’ve done a lot in Omaha. I need to think about this some more!

Day 300: Complete this: I am a person who tends to be ______ (and explain why you are like that).

ab - I am a person who tends to be sleepy. I try to get a good night of sleep but I am always always always tired.



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this is way adorable :) -ea

this is way adorable :) -ea


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day 299: Who is a celebrity that you respect?

ea - Emma Stone! :) I tried to find her acceptance speech for the MTV trailblazer award, but I couldn’t! 

ab- Ellen Degeneres. She’s just like really awesome ahha

I relate to this owl on so many levels.

I relate to this owl on so many levels.

Day 297: What book are you currently reading? Or what was the last book that you read?

ea - I am half way reading a book called “Who’s in Charge?” about if we have free will.  

ab- I’m reading a book called “Mennonite in a Little Black Dress” (I think that’s the title…). It’s about a woman whose husband cheats on her with a guy so she moves back to her Mennonite family to regroup. It is ok… the description sounds more interesting than it actually is.
Day 298: Any movies you want to see?

ea - All cheesy romantic Christmas movies! Gahh I am wanting to watch some romcoms!

ab - all of them! Wuthering heights, Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby, Les Miserables, everythinggggg

Day 296: What’s on your mind right now?

ea - Finals, my internship, what I should do tomorrow…aka what time I should wake up… hahaha

ab - finals, should I clean my room (no), laundry, showering, blah.